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 Organic Livestock Producer


 Where do you fit in the Certified Organic supply chain?

All livestock products that are sold, labeled, or represented as organic must be produced in compliance with National Organic Program (NOP) standards.


Organic livestock includes cattle, sheep, goats, swine, and poultry. Fish and other aquatic animals cannot be certified organic.


Organic livestock producers are required to develop and follow an Organic System Plan that complies with NOP requirements for:


  • Animal origin—animals for organic slaughter must be under continuous organic management
  • Feed—only organic feed and approved supplements
  • Living conditions—must accommodate the natural behavior of animals including access to outdoors
  • Health care—must be in compliance with NOP standards


Because organic livestock must have access to pasture, livestock operators often manage both animals and pasture or crop land holding two different scopes of organic certification (livestock and crop producer). On-farm processing may also require organic certification as a handler.


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