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How to Certify


The certification process consists of several steps through which MCIA verifies that the NOP regulations are being followed.

The steps for organic wild crop certification include:


  1. Contact MCIA. MCIA will help you assemble the information you need to begin the certification process. Our Organic Certification Handbook can be downloaded or we will mail a copy to you. This describes the whole process in greater detail. When you are ready call or email MCIA so we can get started.


  2. Develop your Organic System Plan (OSP). The Organic System Plan Wild Crop will guide you through the questions required to create your OSP. The OSP describes your plan for managing a sustainable harvest of the wild crops. It will list your equipment and storage and describe the land where the harvest will take place.


  3. Submit your OSP, other required application forms, and applicable fees to MCIA. MCIA will review the application to assess the eligibility of your land and Organic System Plan for certification. MCIA may contact you for additional information.


  4. Inspection. MCIA will arrange for an inspector to schedule an on-site inspection with you. The inspector will write up an inspection report and send it to MCIA.


  5. Evaluation. MCIA will review the inspection report to ensure compliance with the NOP standards. There may be additional questions to you at this point.


  6. Certification. After satisfying any final issues, MCIA will issue a contract. The organic certificate will be issued after receipt of the signed contract and payment of any remaining fees.